I offer you my sincere appreciation for Natasha Cronin taking the time to do our annual high school breast cancer awareness presentation. The whole presentation was a success. All six of my health classes were fascinated with Natasha Cronin’s experience and knowledge of the topic. Most students commented on how outstanding they found the presentation. The power point presentations and model breast examination were a great way to give real life experiences to the students. These hand-on activities and experiences could not be gained from any other source. Overall, the success of the presentation was her ability to take command of the subject and also the classes. I would consider it an honor if you would agree to do next year’s breast cancer awareness presentation and undertake another excellent presentation for us. You made this year’s class presentation event truly memorable. Again, I offer my thanks to you and the Maurer Foundation for the breast health education. It was the best breast cancer awareness presentation talk we have had for a long time.

—Orvia Williams, Health Educator, Hempstead High School

Natasha was very well spoken and patient, possessing clear confidence and knowledge of her topic whilst handling the questions and remarks of my fellow students professionally and coherently. She also seemed to never need to look at her power point presentation, always maintaining eye contact, and seemingly knew all the required information within her head already without the need to look at her board, which was commendable. The physical interactions with the models, and the free pamphlets in both English and Spanish were also welcomed and nice to have. My fellow students seemed rather eager to get their appropriate language pamphlet to share and inform their loved ones. I plan on intensively reviewing my body from now on every 30 days. Initially, I believed that the physical worry was notably visual tumors, but now I learned just how much pressure is needed in order to locate internal and smaller tumors, whether benign or cancerous.

—Senior, Hillcrest High School

I really liked the positive approach for this subject. There was no fear mongering, narrowing of choices or pressure to things in a particular way. I appreciated being given facts and what I believed to be accurate statistics so I may make my own choices. Part of making those choices involves knowing all options available as well.


On behalf of the students and administration at Long Beach High School, I would like to thank you for once again providing our students with vital information that can change their lives for the better! Your dynamic approach to the topic of breast health was interesting, effective, and well-received by the students who were fortunate to attend, and was one of our largest groups ever! The informative handout, in its new wallet-sized format, is an excellent resource for the students as well…. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to planning another program next year!

—Carol Henck, RN, Long Beach Public Schools

Susan was fantastic! She really took the time to explain the Maurer Foundation purpose while patiently presented the topic on a level of understanding to all in attendance. The seniors gave positive feedback and felt that they took away a greater understanding of breast health. I like to say to Susan, “Great Job!”

—Doris Brown, Manager of Services Outstationed to Seniors Program at Montefiore Medical Center

We are very fortunate to have The Maurer Foundation come to Sachem HS East to speak with our students about cancer prevention; especially breast cancer. Since medicine works in the realm of disease management, it is nice to be able to offer our students and families information on prevention. I want to thank the ladies of the Maurer Foundation for their efforts.

—Patricia Broderick, Health Teacher, Sachem High East

All this information was very well received by our female senior class as was evidenced by their attentiveness, questions, and hands on participation…. We plan to continue to bring this program to the high school again next year.

—Eilleen Wyremski, RN & Karen Boelsen, RN, Garden City High School

I had breast cancer 10 years ago. It was caught early and everything discussed as part of the presentation was what happened to me. I did learn more about my type of breast cancer from the presentation and how the treatment options would be different today. It is great to know how much more we know and are learning about this cancer. Thanks to the Maurer Foundation it is good to know that men and women are learning how to prevent and detect breast cancer in its early stages.

—Allison Katz

Thanks to your program, we have had at least two known issues over the years where students were able to get medical attention. Students were educated on how to administer a self-exam and thankfully, both students were just fine. Thank you for your continued support through your education program. Your staff has been nothing short of professional and well-educated on such a serious issue. Thank you for all that you do.

—Robert K., Lynbrook High School

We would like to thank you for your energized thought-provoking presentation on breast cancer awareness…. We liked your energy, spontaneity, smile, love for trying to bring good information to the congregation, as well as making them more aware of their body. Keep up the great work…. We loved your presentation.

—Minister Phyllis Wright, Pilgrim Community Church, Hollis, NY

I, as well as the students, faculty, and parents, thoroughly enjoyed the very educational and interactive presentations from Susan. The Foundation’s message was clear and poignant.

—Ian Forster, HealthCorps Coordinator, Lower East Side Preparatory School, New York, NY

The Maurer Foundation has presented at numerous of our didactic days. Their activity is pretty hands on so the students enjoy learning about health issues prevalent in their communities. 10/10 would recommend!

—Tiffany Robin, school professional

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