April is National Cancer Control Month

Eating more fruits and vegetables is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce your risk of all cancers, including breast cancer.

While October and its pink ribbons are wonderful, we at the Maurer Foundation are especially excited for April. It’s National Cancer Control Month! This month, organizations and community groups across the country will work to raise awareness on the importance of cancer prevention and early detection. Of course, this is our mission every day, but we warmly welcome the company!

Focusing on the different ways individuals can reduce their cancer risk is crucial to our country’s health. With nearly 1.5 million cases of cancer diagnosed each year, it’s more important than ever that  the message of healthy lifestyle choices and early detection practices is heard. There are so many ways to improve your odds against cancer of all kinds, from eating more vegetables to reducing alcohol intake to paying attention to the carcinogens and toxins you might be exposed to every day.

Hand in hand with prevention, of course, is early detection. We know that one of the keys to a successful recovery, especially in breast cancer, is discovering the presence of cancer in its early stages. Completing monthly breast self-exams and scheduling yearly clinical exams and mammograms are essential steps to early detection.

This month, we invite you to recognize National Cancer Control Month along with us. If you haven’t yet, consider signing up for our mammogram and breast self-exam  reminder service so you never forget to check for lumps or irregularities. If you have, share the link and invite one of your friends, sisters, or colleagues to join! And if you feel especially inspired to spread the message of prevention this month, consider hosting one of our breast health programs in your community or neighborhood school.