Board Chair Shares 25 Years of Foundation Memories

I have personally spoken to survivors and family members alike who have said to me that our program has saved their life or the life of a loved one. Yet, despite all of the lives saved and all the advancements made in the past 25 years within the medical field why are breast cancer occurrences still so vast? The work of The Maurer Foundation is still relevant, absolutely necessary, and most importantly, far from done. For our 25th year, we have a number of exciting initiatives planned. For one, we’ll be reaching out to the previously untapped pockets of Long Island, especially multicultural communities, that still lack proper breast health education.

In addition, breast cancer doesn’t just happen in October. This coming year, we aim to get breast cancer top-of-mind all year round with year-long events and corporate partnerships. 2020 will also see the roll out of our online educator certification program, which will train educators all over the nation to hold breast health programs in their own communities. As we look ahead into the next quarter century, I ask you to join me in an effort to keep our loved ones ahead of the curve when it comes to breast cancer and be a part of this amazing future. Your donations are vital to keeping our free in-school programs alive. And with your support, we’ll be able to achieve these future outreach initiatives. I sincerely thank you for considering us for your donation.