Board Member Gary Barello Named a 2018 MoXY Men of Distinction Honoree

We here at The Maurer Foundation have known for quite some time that our Board member Gary Barello is a man possessing of the rare qualities that distinguish him amongst the many and we are proud to announce the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation has recognized Gary as one of their 2018 MoXY Men of Distinction Honorees.  This award, bestowed upon men who have advanced the careers of women, has found in Gary an honoree truly deserving of this distinction.  Gary has worked as an advocate for others throughout his career and has helped pave the way for talented employees of all genders and backgrounds to be better seen, heard, and recognized for their efforts.  During his four-year tenure as a member of our Board of Directors, Gary has been fully committed to our mission of breast health education and has worked diligently to spread awareness of our name and cause.  Susan Samaroo, our Executive Director, who has had the pleasure of knowing Gary for over 15 years, believes Gary to be a man who “feels good about doing good.  Gary is a fairminded, selfless individual, who expresses sincerity in everything he does.  He serves as a mentor to me, continually encouraging my development and growth as a woman and a professional.”  On behalf of everyone at The Maurer Foundation we congratulate Gary Barello, a true Man of Distinction.