Cancer Treatment Calls For Functional Fashion

chemo top3After Kathy Adams battled Stage III Breast Cancer and won (!!!) she saw the need for comfortable functional clothing for post-surgery patients.  And so the Confident Clothing Company was born.

Post mastectomy patients leave the hospital with tubing and drains embedded near the surgery site to collect lymphatic fluid during the healing process.  These drains need to be emptied and the fluid measured for a week or two before they’re removed.  In that time the patient is left with cumbersome and unsightly tubing and drains to pin to her shirt.  To alleviate this, Kathy developed the Cool Chemo Top with genius features only a survivor like her could have thought of!

  • Discreet snap channels manage the tubes to the drain pocket
  • Drain pocket is secure and completely removable after treatment is complete
  • Made from wicking material for sensitive skin
  • Cut for easy access to the medical port if needed during treatment and drawing the eye away from the chest area for aesthetic reasons
  • Sleeves cut to address the issues of lymph edema
  • Also be sure to check if your insurance company will cover the costChemo top1chemo top2