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Our breast health programs are offered free to schools and community groups and on a donation-basis to businesses. Awareness is great, but action is better. We teach young people how to eat healthier, exercise, and perform breast self-exams. Our workshops educate our children, our coworkers and our neighbors throughout Long Island and the NY Metro area. Risk reduction is cumulative. By bringing our programs to high schools and colleges, we encourage the development of risk reducing and early detection habits early. Please help us plant the seed of knowledge and prevent breast cancer in our community.

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A Look Inside Our Training/Certification Program

Tabeer Chaudary participating in the Breast Health Educator’s Training/Certification class As the newly hired Administrative Assistant for the Maurer Foundation, one of my responsibilities is to enhance our social media presence. In order to do that, it is very important to understand the goals and mission of the organization. What would be a better way [...]

Meeting the Increasing Demand for Certified Breast Health Educators

Over the past few years, the Maurer Foundation has been fielding an increasing number of calls from across the United States to address the need for qualified breast health educators. Last year, we extended our reach across the pond, with our first international trainee. What we find especially satisfying are the longterm connections we maintain [...]

Plainedge High School’s Inaugural Class of Peer Educators

In November 2018,  Plainedge High School hosted our Peer Education training program for the first time.  This program had truly come full circle for Lorraine Amato, a former Maurer Foundation Program Manager who initially drafted the program 12 years ago.  Lorraine, who volunteers her time on the Foundation’s Educational Advisory Council, invited us into her [...]

Meet our Newest Certified Breast Health Educator from California

 A story we have heard so many times- a young woman finding a breast lump just months after having her mammogram.  At the age of 41, Jennifer James discovered a golf ball-sized lump on the side of her chest.   She immediately got it checked by her physician, who sent her for testing which revealed a [...]

Newest Breast Health Educator Brings the Maurer Message to France

The Maurer Foundation’s Breast Health Educator Training and Certification Program reached its newest milestone with the training of its first international participant. Kathryn Kemp-Griffin founded Pink Bra Bazaar, a breast health charitable organization in France, which also supports women with breast cancer.  Kate spent two days with our Program Manager, further developing her message of [...]

Maurer Makes An Impact in the Latino Community

The Maurer Foundation prides itself upon its ability to respond to the diverse needs of the communities we serve, which is why we have spent a great deal of time and effort developing and cultivating our Bilingual Breast Health Program.  As Long Islanders, we know how important it is to grow with the expanding needs [...]

Maurer Foundation Connects with Massapequa Students

The Maurer Foundation was proud to partner with Massapequa Schools for several days of programs teaching their students about breast health education and the importance of early detection.  The faculty, staff, and students of Massapequa welcomed The Maurer Foundation with enthusiasm.  The students, in particular, participated in our programs asking thoughtful, insightful questions and displayed [...]

Ohio Resident Certified as a Maurer Foundation Breast Health Educator

Erica Clark, Founder and President of No More Pain, LLC traveled from Ohio to become our latest certified Breast Heath Educator through the Maurer Foundation’s Training and Certification Program.    Over the course of two days, Erica learned about breast anatomy and development, risk factors associated with breast cancer and early detection techniques including the [...]

The Maurer Foundation Delivers its Message of Empowerment

Late 2015, the Maurer Foundation partnered with New Hour for Women and Children of Long Island to bring our life saving message to the women they serve. New Hour is dedicated to supporting women on Long Island during and after incarceration, and to empowering parents, children and families in our community. The staff of New [...]

Silicon breast model for breast self exam

Thank You to Pink Aid for Helping Us Reach Underserved Communities in 2015 & 2016

The Maurer Foundation would like to thank Pink Aid for supporting our breast health education efforts! Thanks to a generous 2015 and 2016 grant from Pink Aid, we have been able to focus our outreach efforts to socioeconomically disadvantaged and bilingual populations. In 2015, we surpassed our goal of reaching 1,746 people in these high need communities on Long [...]