Community Programs

These free presentations are tailored specifically for each audience and can be offered in a variety of settings.

We collaborate with organizations to provide engaging and interactive programming at a time that is convenient for their community-based group. Workshops can be presented on-site or virtually, in English and Spanish. We focus on delivering the most relevant and timely information and target breast health issues faced by the attendees.

The Objectives of Our Educational Presentations

Encourage healthy lifestyle choices that can lower breast cancer risk

Dispel common breast cancer myths

Teach the most effective methods of early detection

Examples of Community Partners

Faith-based groups

Girl Scout troops and youth groups

Public libraries

Mobile mammography scan van events

Health fairs in our local neighborhoods

Non-profit organizations

Participants Share the Impact of Our Programs

Minister Phyllis Wright, Pilgrim Community Church

“We would like to thank you for your energized thought-provoking presentation on breast cancer awareness. We liked your energy, spontaneity, smile, love for trying to bring good information to the congregation, as well as making them more aware of their body. Keep up the great work. We loved your presentation.”

Allison Katz, Community Member

“I had breast cancer 10 years ago. It was caught early and everything discussed as part of the presentation was what happened to me. I did learn more about my type of breast cancer from the presentation and how the treatment options would be different today. It is great to know how much more we know and are learning about this cancer. Thanks to the Maurer Foundation it is good to know that men and women are learning how to prevent and detect breast cancer in its early stages.”

Deacon Tanya Ryan, Bread of Life World Outreach Center

“I would like to thank the Maurer Foundation for providing the information on breast health; we had 50 people who signed into zoom. The educator was well informed and passionate. She was able to answer so many questions with such ease. Multiple people from various age ranges and genders verbalized they were not compliant with their breast exam in the past but will do so now. ”