Corporate Seminars

Foster a happier and healthier workplace with our engaging and informative breast health program!

By investing in corporate wellness programs, employers are in a unique position to create healthier, happier, and more productive workforces. The Maurer Foundation’s wellness programs offer effective cancer prevention and early detection strategies that have the potential to significantly improve employees’ health and reduce related costs.

Our Wellness Seminar Benefits Employees

Breast cancer is diagnosed in 1 out of 8 women in the United States, making it the second most common cancer among women. And although breast cancer is less common in men, 1 in 833 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. The prevalence of breast cancer makes it essential that people are aware of ways to protect their breast health. Knowing that a third of all breast cancer cases are preventable with lifestyle modifications, we feel it’s important to teach individuals to reduce the risk of breast cancer. We empower participants to advocate for their own medical care and ask important questions about their health. Since the majority of individuals find their own breast cancer, it is imperative that everyone is informed about how to identify breast cancer early when survival rates are highest.

Wellness Seminars Benefit Businesses

What to Expect from our Corporate Wellness Seminar

Our hour-long breast health seminar can be offered at a time that is convenient for your organization and employees. During our seminar, we focus on delivering the most relevant and timely information about breast health, including:

  • Healthy lifestyle choices that can lower breast cancer risk
  • Instruction on the most effective methods of early detection
  • Dispelling common breast cancer myths and/or clarifying common misconceptions about breast cancer
  • Instructing individuals on how to perform a breast self-exam using incredibly lifelike silicone breast models

We offer both in-person seminars and live virtual seminars!

Companies Share Their Appreciation for Our Program

“Just want to say thanks again for the wonderful Lunch and Learn program you provided. It was a fabulous program. Eileen was dynamic, well-informed, and a great speaker.”

—Amy Willwn Spiros, Advantage Group Executive Vice President

“Thank you for coming to our event and making a presentation for Breast Cancer Awareness. You are a wonderful speaker and very engaging with your audience. You gave us all something to think about and I know I will be making my monthly self-exam on my birthdate!”

—Maureen Helbig, Friedman LLP