Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a time to truly celebrate love. At The Maurer Foundation we couldn’t think of better person to share his dedication of love than Author J.S. Russo:

In Sickness And In Health: A Memoir Of Love is a true story involving two people that fate brought together. It describes my life with my wife, Susan before she became afflicted with cancer and during the ordeal. It shows how we handled a dreadful diagnosis and how the bond between us became even closer throughout our cancer journey. It reveals how as a team, we fought this disease head -on without flinching; fighting and clawing right back at it. It is a triumph of human spirit, and an inspiring story of courage, compassion and love between two people who asked for nothing more in life than to have each other in it. Above all, this is not a story of loss but of gain. This is not a story of sadness but a story filled with undiminished hope…

In the chapter entitled, “Our Wedding”, I describe the wedding night: “That evening after the wedding, Sue and I lay prone on the bed while we were scooping up all of the wedding checks, flipping them up in the air as if we had hit the lottery. That was a little difficult to do with the three pressure cookers we received as gifts! The best gift, however, was that we had each other, and we looked to the future with great hope and promise. We felt that when two people cared and loved each other as much as we did, nothing could stop us. To us, our wedding vows meant forever….All we saw was that we were starting a brand new phase of our lives called “marriage,” and we were going to live it to the fullest. And why not? Things couldn’t have looked any better in 1976. And live it, we did.”

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