High School and College Programs

We have educated hundreds of thousands of students
with our life-saving message!

This free breast health program is specifically designed for high school and college students and can be presented in person or virtually. The program can also be adapted for middle school audiences. Our trained and certified educators empower students to reduce their risk of breast cancer by teaching healthy lifestyle choices, early detection, and how to do a proper self-exam. Our educators also debunk myths and common misconceptions about breast cancer.

About our On-Site Program

  • We work closely with faculty to create a custom schedule that fits each school’s unique needs
  • Participants get the opportunity to practice how to perform a proper breast self-exam using a lifelike breast model with embedded suspicious lumps
  • Each student will receive a take-home copy of our breast self-exam guide which includes our nutrition switch list

About our Virtual Program

  • We offer instructor-led webinars and self-paced online programs
  • Live webinars can be presented on Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, or Teams
  • Pear Deck, a web-based application, is used to engage and interact with students
  • Presentations include a detailed video explaining how to do a proper breast self-exam
  • We provide access to electronic resources including, our presentation review questions, nutrition switch list, and breast self-exam guide
  • Virtual programs can be delivered locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Check out our many school partners!

    Individuals Share What our Program Means to Them

    “Given our current circumstances with Distance Learning at East Hampton High School, Julie and Eileen have done a fantastic job reaching students in our classes. The timing was perfect… The presentation was engaging, appropriate and very informative. There were questions and interactions between the presenter, teachers, and students. In short, it was the epitome of the Distance Learning experience I was hoping my students would have. All students and parents should see this program.”

    —Jim Stewart, East Hampton High School Teacher

    “I really liked the positive approach for this subject. There was no fear-mongering, narrowing of choices, or pressure to do things in a particular way. I appreciated being given facts and what I believed to be accurate statistics so I may make my own choices. Part of making those choices involves knowing all options available as well.”

    —M.D., Hofstra University Student

    “Thank you for coming to my classroom. I think it is very important to educate people my age on breast cancer prevention and breast cancer awareness. I really enjoyed the presentation. My favorite parts were the pear deck slides that you could draw on. I think those interactive slides really helped my class stay engaged and focused throughout the presentation. Thank you so much!”

    —Emily, Massapequa High School Student