How To Volunteer 5 Seconds

Pink Computer Mouse

One of the fastest and most potent tools for volunteering is a mouse. (Photo courtesy of is.summer.breeze via Flickr)

Wish you could volunteer more? You’re not alone. Many people have vowed to get more involved in the community and support a good cause, but don’t know how to get started, or worse yet, don’t believe they have the time. Thankfully, one of the fastest ways to help charities is also the most potent and most powerful—spreading the word.

Donate 5 Seconds Right Now

  • Visit our blog and click on any one (or more!) of the social media bookmarking icons at the bottom of the articles you like. This helps us spread the word to even more people on these important sites, and that’s our goal—educating and getting people involved in their health!
  • Comment on our blog posts by clicking on the article title in our blog. How does this help? A big part of helping people, as we do, is knowing how they want to be helped. What are you interested in? Did you like the article? Do you have additional questions? Your comments and feedback help us craft our outreach material and events and help us make a bigger impact with less time and money.
  • Forward our e-newsletter to a friend. Have 8 women in your life? 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their life. Show your love by using the handy “Forward Email” link at the bottom of the newsletter.
  • Like us on Facebook and then when you see one of our posts, like it. This tells all your friends that what you think we do is worthwhile and hopefully they’ll come check us out!
  • Follow us on Twitter and when you see one of our tweets, retweet it. That simple!

Have More Time to Volunteer?

We’d love to have you! Check out the many, more traditional Maurer Foundation volunteer opportunities.