Inspirational Celeb Survivors

The fight to beat breast cancer is no doubt a difficult journey, requiring a great deal of emotional strength.  I am truly amazed by the determination and positivity exhibited by breast cancer patients, especially those who must fight their battle in the public eye.  Countless celebrity breast cancer survivors have helped to create even greater awareness of the importance of breast health education.  They are able to use their platform to truly make a difference and be a voice for cancer survivors everywhere.  We salute these women, and their efforts certainly do not go unnoticed.

*Christina Applegate                                                                                                      Christina Applegate

*Edie Falco

*Melissa Etheridge

*Kate Jackson

*Jaclyn Smith

*Suzanne Somers

*Olivia Newton-John

*Sheryl Crow

*Cynthia Nixon

*Carly Simon

*Sandra Day O’Connor

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