Interning at TMF

When I began my search for summer internships, I was not quite sure what direction I wanted to go in.  As I searched postings on my college’s career development site, I came across a posting for an internship at the Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education.  This post immediately jumped out at me because I felt a personal tie to the organization’s mission.  My mother is an ovarian cancer survivor, and I felt that this would be an awesome opportunity to assist in a cause that truly empowers women.  I immediately felt at home at TMF.  I was treated with the utmost kindness and respect, and I felt like my opinion was truly valued.  I was made to feel that the work I was doing was helping to make a difference.  I learned the art of blogging, attended a breast health program at Cardozo High School, helped to spread awareness of our Pepsi Refresh Project, and was lucky enough to write a piece for the newsletter.  Through my work, my eyes were opened to the vital importance of educating people, both young and old, about breast cancer risks and prevention.  I came to realize that by simply giving of my time, energy, and talents, I was doing my part to fund the Maurer Foundation’s mission.

I think it is so important for young people to understand that they do have the ability to contribute in their own unique way.  Giving of oneself is just as important and generous as giving money to an organization and also far more rewarding.  You cannot help but feel proud when you know that you are truly helping to effect positive change.  I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with such dedicated individuals who are doing great work for the good of others.