Long Island Fund for Women and Girls Supports Launch of The Maurer Foundation’s New Peer Education Program

Since March, members of Girl Scout Troop 3367 have been visiting The Maurer Foundation’s offices in Port Washington, New York to participate in a pilot test of the organization’s new Peer Education Program. This innovative program, which was made possible by a generous grant from The Long Island Fund for Women and Girls, is aligned with New York State Learning Standards in Health Education.

Led by Maurer Foundation Program Associate Lorraine Amato, the Peer Education Program trains high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to become Junior Breast Health Educators. The program seeks to provide adults with accurate, age-appropriate information about healthy lifestyle choices that promote breast cancer risk reduction. It also motivates participants to adopt preventative lifestyle information and provides a unique opportunity for students to exercise a leadership role among their younger peers.

In the Peer Education Program, participants learned how to lower their risk for breast cancer and other chronic diseases by making healthy decisions such as choosing low-fat foods, increasing physical activity levels, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol use. The troop also received training on the importance of early detection of breast cancer, with a focus on breast self-examination. Each member also had the opportunity to practice breast self-examination techniques on High Fidelity Silicone Breast Models. Upon the successful completion of five training sessions, a final presentation and evaluation will be administered.

“The Long Island Fund for Women and Girls is pleased to fund The Maurer Foundation’s new Peer Education program,” noted Diane Cohen, Executive Director, The Long Island Fund for Women and Girls. “The objectives of the program are aligned with the vision of our organization and we are excited about the reach it will have among women and girls on Long Island.”

The Long Island Fund for Women and Girls funds programs that improve the lives of women and girls, highlights and addresses women’s issues, and develops women’s philanthropy. They share a common vision with women’s funds throughout the country. The organization’s vision is for a world of justice and opportunity for women and girls, where women are paid equitably for work, live in homes and communities without fear of violence, have equal voices in the political process and serve as the primary decision makers about issues that they face.