Back to School, Back to Virtual Breast Health Programs

With the beginning of the school year comes the return of The Maurer Foundation’s breast health programs. Last spring, we quickly adapted to the changing times and reached 7,300 students with our virtual breast health programs in just three months! This school year, we are looking forward to reaching even more students with our distance learning presentations.

The Foundation will offer two options for remote learning which have been newly updated to expand student engagement opportunities. We can provide webinar workshops led by our certified breast health educators through Zoom or similar platforms. Our educators use a tool called Pear Deck to interact with students, giving them a chance to ask questions and provide insight into the risk factors that affect their lives.

The kids LOVED the distant learning presentations you did for us this past semester!”

Chris Gagstetter, Health Teacher at Syosset High School

We understand that school districts and teachers are developing plans that suit their students’ needs. Our self-paced program allows the students to learn at a time and pace that suits their unique schedules. Teachers are provided with worksheets for the students to complete in order to assess their learning. 

We offer modified programming for middle school, high school, college, and adult audiences. After receiving overwhelming praise from students and teachers after the launch of our distance learning program, we are even more excited for the start of the new school year and the potential to expand our reach across the country and around the world. Schedule a breast health program for your classes today!