Maurer Foundation Connects with Massapequa Students

The Maurer Foundation was proud to partner with Massapequa Schools for several days of programs teaching their students about breast health education and the importance of early detection.  The faculty, staff, and students of Massapequa welcomed The Maurer Foundation with enthusiasm.  The students, in particular, participated in our programs asking thoughtful, insightful questions and displayed the maturity befitting such an important topic.

We visited several schools in the district and one Ames student remarked that she knew all about The Maurer Foundation because her older sister, who attends Massapequa High School, had shared with her and her family what she learned during our program.  Many of the students noted they would be sharing this information with their families.  One brave Ames student shared that her grandmother is battling breast cancer, so not only did this program help her to understand what her grandmother is going through, but she also helped educate her grandmother about breast cancer. Our goal is always to have our message spread beyond just the four walls of the classroom and the students of Massapequa are a great partner in helping to reach that goal.

We look forward to working with you again next school year!