Maurer Foundation Presents Breast Health Program to NYC Law Department

Photos by Jamel Browne.

On May 30th, 2014, twenty female attorneys at the NYC Law Department attended a Maurer Foundation breast health program at their headquarters in New York City. The workshop, led by Program Director Susan Simon, is one of many Maurer Foundation corporate breast health programs presented to Long Island and NYC-area businesses.

Attendees learned about breast cancer factsrisk factorsmyths, precautionary measures and more with regard to breast cancer. The Maurer Foundation addressed the critical role of mammograms and breast self-exams in early detection, which increases the chance of survival from this deadly disease. Attendees also had the opportunity to practice self-exam techniques on specialized silicone breast models.

The program, which was featured in the NYC Law Department’s biweekly e-paper Hearsay, was co-sponsored by the Staff Quality of Work Life and Women’s Committee.

Interested in having a breast health program presented at your organization? The Maurer Foundation would love to be involved. Request a corporate wellness program today.