My New Best Friend

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a website called  It’s a get healthy site that helps to track what you’ve eaten in a day along with whatever exercise you’ve done.  I love it!  It’s similar to Weight Watchers‘ online site (for those of us familiar with that) but only it’s free which makes it even better.

You start by entering your information -age, weight, height- and then putting in your fitness plan – how much weight you want to loose and in how long.   A caloric target is automatically set for each day and calories are deducted from your balance as you enter the foods you eat.  Calories are also added to your balance for any cardio exercise you may do.  Easy!!!

There are community boards, nutritional reports and tools… it can be whatever you make of it.  So far I’ve lost 4 lbs so try it out and good luck!

diet cartoon