November is National Diabetes Month

According to the FDA, half of your plate should consist of fruits and vegetables.

Proper nutrition can help reduce the risk of both breast cancer and diabetes.

Pink ribbons may garner a lot of attention throughout October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and we are so appreciative of the support and fundraisers we’ve benefited from this year!), but November brings another monthlong recognition that is very worthwhile in its own regard: National Diabetes Month.

We at The Maurer Foundation are deeply concerned about the rising rates of diabetes across America, and the apparent links between diabetes and breast cancer. Several studies have shown that women with diabetes have both an increased risk of developing breast cancer and a lower survival rate. With nearly 26 million Americans suffering from diabetes each year, this is an alarming situation, and we fully support the efforts to raise awareness and decrease incidence of diabetes.

More research is needed to determine exactly why diabetes increases risk for cancer (and potentially vice versa), but the two diseases are undeniably linked by mutual risk factorsObesity, lack of exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and poor nutrition are all preventable factors that increase the likelihood of both breast cancer and diabetes. Since breast cancer prevention is at the cornerstone of our mission and a main topic in our breast health education programs, we believe raising awareness about these dangerous, unhealthy habits is extremely important!

We encourage our friends and supporters to recognize National Diabetes Month by intentionally making healthy choices this November. As the holiday season starts, it can be difficult to eat healthily, but even small habits like watching your portion size or getting a little exercise every day can improve your overall health and decrease your risk of developing diabetes and breast cancer.

How will you choose to be your healthiest self this November?