Nutrition Reduces Your Risk Of Breast Cancer?

Nutrition plays a large role in our lives, or at least it should; and surprisingly, can help lower your risk of breast cancer as well. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to represent the Maurer Foundation at the United Way CFC Agency Fair and I found that most of the women who attended were shocked to learn that good nutrition can lower your risk of breast cancer.

Now you may ask: How does nutrition reduce your risk for breast cancer?

Most types of breast cancer are estrogen related. Fat cells in the body store high levels of , which increase the threat of breast cancer. Maintaining a normal body weight is crucial component in decreasing your risk. You should aim to keep your saturated fat intake to 20 grams or less per day and avoid trans-fat completely.

Even if you’re not a nutrition expert there are many services that can help. The Nutrition Switch List on the Maurer Foundation website helps people make smarter decisions about the food they choose to eat and provides them with healthy alternatives. One of my personal favorites is the Weight Watchers program which helps manage portion control and still allows you to eat some of your favorite foods. Another helpful guide is the book, “Eat This Not That”, published by Rodale Publications, the same publishers who bring you “Women’s (and Men’s) Health Magazine”. The book is loaded with calorie, fat, sugar, carbohydrate, and sodium counts designed to help you make smarter food choices.

Start practicing good nutrition today; you won’t believe how much better you will look and feel, while reducing your risk of breast cancer!