Patricia Fulton-Lawrence Announced As New Development Officer

Patricia Fulton-Lawrence

We’re delighted to welcome Maurer Foundation veteran Program Educator Patricia Fulton-Lawrence as our new Development Officer. Patty lost her mother to breast cancer and survived her own battle after finding a lump via a breast self-exam.

“The importance of our message runs through me because I was only 34 with young children when I found my lump,” explained Fulton-Lawrence. “Knowledge is power and if I had known then what I have taught today my own experiences may have been different. Our message is clear, we need to communicate younger and earlier and continue to spread the word about lifestyle choices and the role exercise plays in our lives. I believe with everything I say and do that we fill a necessary void in the education of our young adults and will continue to be a very loud voice for Dr. Maurer and the Maurer Foundation.”