Peer Education

While enduring habits are developed early in life, young people often respond more effectively to peers than to adults. When it comes to delivering our lifesaving message, we believe that students make excellent teachers.

About Our Peer Education Program

Our peer education program is designed to empower students to help each other promote positive behaviors. The students receive comprehensive breast health training using a blend of evidence-based teaching methods and engaging hands-on activities. Instruction from our Foundation staff occurs over a series of days, either during or after school hours. Afterwards, the peer educators will create their own interactive breast health presentation from the information derived from the training and related program materials. We will support and advise them throughout the process to ensure quality and accuracy. Equipped with the latest information, these student leaders will be ready to provide guidance to their classmates about risky lifestyles and promote healthy decisions using relevant and meaningful suggestions.

Benefits to Peer Educators

Gain hands-on experience in program design and curriculum development

Improve public speaking skills while learning how to present to their peers

Develop a leadership role among other students

Understand current information about healthy lifestyle choices that promote breast health and guidelines for early detection