Philanthropy Makes Our Whole Community Stronger

At The Maurer Foundation, we are blessed to be part of a community of supporters and friends who are connected to many other wonderful organizations who enrich our lives and make Long Island a wonderful place to live. 

This week a number of my board members and I were fortunate to attend a dinner for the Huntington YMCA where Chris Mitchell of Mitchells|Marshs was honored.  In addition to being a wonderful friend to The Maurer Foundation, Chris and his entire family are multi-generational supporters of the Y program.  What a fantastic evening and a great event!

Here in Nassau County, Senator Craig Johnson, another wonderful friend of our organization has been gathering much needed school supplies all month to support less fortunate students and classroom teachers.  It was an honor for our staff at the Foundation to join the Senator in helping out with this project. Way to go Senator Johnson and thanks for doing something cool like this!!

One of the most important things we know here at The Maurer Foundation– philanthropy makes our entire community stronger.  And when we celebrate and support each others organization, philanthropy is reinforced as the wonderful action that it is. 

Libby, Exec Dir.