Pink Aid Helps to Expand Education to African American and Hispanic Communities

In March 2020, Pink Aid granted The Maurer Foundation $25,000 which has enabled us to launch our Women of Color Blog Series. This vital blog series focuses on breast health topics for black and brown women. Black women in the U.S. are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer and are 40% less likely to survive than white women. Hispanics have lower cancer screening rates, which lead to the diagnosis of breast cancer at later stages when treatment options are less successful; cancer is the number one killer of Latina women. Our programs address these health disparities with culturally competent programming.

This blog series will educate people of color about breast health, so they can lower their risk of developing breast cancer and learn how to find a lump when it is most treatable through early detection. Thank you, Pink Aid, for helping us continue to educate underserved communities about paramount breast health issues!