Advanced Certification for Breast Health Educators

Advanced Certification for Breast Health Educators


Day and a half course; attendance for both days is required for successful completion of the training. Mutually agreeable dates will be scheduled with the Program Manager after registration. Training offered in-person, virtually or hybrid.



The Maurer Foundation’s Advanced Certification for Breast Health Educators Course is designed for individuals seeking to teach essential breast health information to patients, students, or your local community. We are able to offer this interactive course either in-person, virtually, or hybrid. Using high-fidelity silicone breast models, trainees will learn how to perform and teach the MammaCare® method of breast examination. This hands-on training develops the skills necessary to detect breast lumps. Participants will also have the ability to practice effective presentation and public-speaking skills that will enhance the learner’s success as a breast health educator. Upon successful completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Identify the components of the breast and the five stages of breast development
  • Describe benign breast changes, breast cancer symptoms and characteristics, diagnostic and prognostic techniques, and treatment options
  • Discuss risk factors of breast cancer and methods of early detection
  • Perform the MammaCare® method of breast self-examination (BSE)
  • Deliver the most accurate information regarding breast health and early detection to the community

Certification as a Breast Health Educator received upon successful completion of the course. Certification does not imply future employment with The Maurer Foundation.

Please reach out to our Program Manager at 631-524-5156 to discuss your goals for this certification program in order to tailor the training to meet your learning objectives.