Web-Based Breast Health Course

Web-Based Breast Health Course


Fully digital breast health course that allows the participant to set a pace that works best for them.



The purpose of The Maurer Foundation’s Web-Based Breast Health Course is to provide crucial information about breast cancer, factors affecting development of disease, risk reduction and early detection techniques. This self-paced course is ideal for clinicians, breast health advocates, and individuals seeking in-depth information about breast health. Upon successful completion of both programs, you will be able to:

  • Identify the anatomical components of the breast and the five stages of breast development
  • Describe benign breast changes, breast cancer symptoms and characteristics, diagnostic and prognostic techniques, and treatment options
  • Discuss risk factors of breast cancer and methods of early detection

The course is divided into distinct lessons which incorporate practice sessions to reinforce the concepts within each module and assessments to evaluate understanding. Course is accessible for six months from date of registration.

Recognition of completion received upon successful conclusion of the course.


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