Real Men (Apparently Can’t) Wear Pink

Recently, a Springfield Massachusetts man was penalized for wearing a pink tie to work to show support for breast cancer awareness. William Jones, 46, faced a one-day suspension for breaking the Springfield MA Transit District’s dress code.

St. John’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society have been promoting the  “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign, encouraging men to wear pink on Fridays in October as a reminder for women to get annual mammograms.

Jones had several female members of his family battle cancer, including his grandmother and sister. The strange part about Bill’s suspension is that the SMTD’s managing director is a woman. She should have been supporting her fellow co-worker for taking a stand against Breast Cancer!

Jone’s suspension is disheartening… he was simply trying to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and should be commended for taking a stand against Breast cancer!

A memo was issued on October 7th stating that employees could wear pink on Fridays in October in recognition of Breast Cancer Month, but Jones still had to serve his suspension. He is also filing a grievance for being suspending and being singled out.

More men should be wearing pink on Friday—Kudos to you, Bill! You are a hero in our book! Pink ties rock!

[Photo by funky fat girl]