Schreiber High School Celebrates Pink Day With The Maurer Foundation

schreiber_high_school_long_island_think_pink_day_2013The Maurer Foundation extends a huge thank you to the students at Paul D. Schreiber High School in Port Washington for supporting our breast health education programs! On October 18th, students celebrated their annual “Pink Day” as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and raised funds for the Foundation by dressing in pink and selling our pink-and-white Cookies for a Cause.

This creative fundraiser coincided with the presentation of four high school breast health programs given at Schreiber High School. Our message of early detection and prevention reached 240 high school students on October 18th and October 21st, and we greatly appreciate the enthusiasm of the students who worked hard (and, in some cases, even dyed their hair pink!) to give back to the Foundation.

Our high school breast health programs are the heart of our work, as we share with young people how the choices they make today can impact their lifelong risk of breast cancer. From diet and exercise to avoiding smoking and alcohol, we focus on the positive and proactive changes students can make to improve their breast health.

If you would like to follow these students’ inspiring example, we have plenty of ideas for creative fundraisers for schools, community groups, and the workplace! And if you would like The Maurer Foundation to share our life-saving message in your school, request a breast health program today.