I’m a big fan of listening to the news on the radio since I spend so much time in the car commuting. I recently heard something on 1010Wins about one of their editors having breast cancer.  HIS name is Phil Pilato and he’s been kind enough to write a blog about his battle with cancer.

He discusses things anyone battling breast cancer will have to deal with like the initial diagnosis, treatment and surgery. The story takes a more personal turn with things specific to the relatively small group of men diagnosed.  Things like how to tell his family, the stigma attached to the disease for men and even dealing with an ailing mother in the process of treatment.

The purpose of sharing his story is to help others in their battle and to bring more attention to approximately 1,700 men diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Click HERE to read Phil’s blog.

Phil PilatoPhoto: 1010wins.com