Anti-Cancer Foods

Anti-Cancer Food Spotlight: Sour Cherries

Cherries have a number of breast cancer risk-reducing benefits and are a great example of an anti-cancer food.

Strawberry, Gorgonzola & Walnut Salad

Strawberry season is here! And what better way to celebrate than with this fabulous antioxidant- and fiber-rich cancer-fighting salad?

Anti-Cancer Food Spotlight: Green Tea

Green tea is a great example of an anti-cancer food that can help reduce your risk of breast cancer, especially in combination with other lifestyle changes.

Vegetables: Potent Anti-Cancer Foods

Vegetables are key to your—and your family’s—health. Here’s some great tricks to increase your veggie intake—without even realizing it!


Anti-Cancer Food Spotlight: Apples

Learn how apples fight cancer, great cancer-fighting recipes and how (and why) to eat the peels and why to avoid the juice.


Anti-Cancer Food Spotlight: Pumpkin

Learn how eating pumpkins can reduce your risk of breast cancer, how to cook pumpkin, and great cancer-fighting pumpkin recipes.

Eat a Cancer-Fighting Taco for National Taco Day

With an easy makeover of the traditional greasefest concoction, tacos can be a great way to include some of the top cancer-fighting foods in your diet and help reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Anti-Cancer Food Spotlight: Pomegranates

Pomegranates, in season in September, reduce breast cancer risk by being good sources of antioxidants, ellagitannins and fiber.