Maurer Foundation and Athleta "Ladies Night Out"

Athleta Fundraiser Helps Women Stay Active in Style While Supporting Long Island Breast Health Non-Profit

The Maurer Foundation is collaborating with the Athleta fitness apparel store in Manhasset for a “Ladies Night Out” on September 10, 2013, 6:30-8:30 pm. The evening will benefit the foundation’s breast health education programs.

Breast Density & Your Breast Cancer Risk

Research shows that breast cancer is up to four to five times more likely to occur in a woman with very dense breasts than one without.

What is Breast Cancer?

At the Maurer Foundation we spend a lot of time discussing the risks factors, research, and early detection of breast cancer… but we don’t want to neglect the basics. What, exactly, is breast cancer and how does it develop?

Our Favorite New Year’s Resolution: Taking Care of Yourself

Staying on top of monthly breast self-exams and yearly mammograms is one of the best ways to ensure early detection of breast cancer, which is key to having a long and healthy future.

Get Your Custom Mammogram & Breast Self-Exam Reminders

Just enter the dates you would like to be reminded to schedule your mammogram and do your breast self‑exam and we’ll email you the day before!

How Are You Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Learn how you can convert breast cancer awareness into breast cancer action during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Nurse Assisting Patient Undergoing Mammogram

New Study Confirms: Mammograms Save More Lives Than Over-Diagnose

The review found that for every 1,000 women screened, mammograms led to over-diagnosis in only 4 cases, but saved an average of 7-9 lives—double the amount of women over-diagnosed.

Nurse Assisting Patient Undergoing Mammogram

Mammograms for 40-49 Years Old Women Improve Breast Cancer Prognosis

A recent Swedish Cancer Institute study revealed that women between the ages of 40–49 who’ve had yearly mammograms and subsequent breast cancer diagnosis fare better than those that don’t.

Don’t Ignore Those Breast Lumps

Check out this funny, but thought-provoking public service announcement encouraging early detection and mammograms.

Nurse Assisting Patient Undergoing Mammogram

American Cancer Society Report Finds Burden of Breast Cancer Deaths Shifts to Poor

Breast cancer mortality rates declines faster for affluent women than poor women according to American Cancer Society.