Male Breast Cancer

Marine with breast cancer

Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week Is The Third Week of October

Did you know that the third week of October is dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer in men?

Marine with breast cancer

20 Men Stationed At Camp Lejuene Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

20 men blame their breast cancer on their time at Camp Lejeune, where government records show drinking water was contaminated with high levels of toxic chemicals for three decades.

Can Men Get Breast Cancer?

A common breast cancer myth is that only women suffer from breast cancer. In actual fact, approximately 2190 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the United States.

Sharing His Story of Breast Cancer

I’m a big fan of listening to the news on the radio since I spend so much time in the car commuting. I recently heard something on 1010Wins about one of their editors having breast cancer.  HIS name is Phil Pilato and he’s been kind enough to write a blog about his battle with cancer. [...]

Real Men (Apparently Can’t) Wear Pink

Recently, a Springfield Massachusetts man was penalized for wearing a pink tie to work to show support for breast cancer awareness. William Jones, 46, faced a one-day suspension for breaking the Springfield MA Transit District’s dress code. St. John’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society have been promoting the  “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign, encouraging [...]