A 7-Point Thanksgiving Game Plan For Preventing Cancer

Tips to navigate the festivities without falling back on your breast cancer prevention plan.

Confused About the Serving Sizes of Vegetables?

How many servings of vegetables should you eat to reduce your risk of cancer? And what is a serving of vegetables?

Make Your Mom A Breast-Health Friendly Breakfast For Mother’s Day

Reduce your and your mother’s risk of breast cancer. Try these impressive-looking (but deceptively easy-to-make) dishes for a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed that’s sure to wow.

How To Combat Portion Distortion

Portion Distortion is the trend over time of increasing food serving sizes. It leads to obesity and an increase in breast cancer risk.

The New Food Pyramind: MyPlate Guidelines Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

MyPlate, the new “Food Pyramid” emphasizes fruits and vegetables, which reduce the risk of obesity and breast cancer.

Vegetables: Potent Anti-Cancer Foods

Vegetables are key to your—and your family’s—health. Here’s some great tricks to increase your veggie intake—without even realizing it!

Book Review: The Pink Ribbon Diet

The Pink Ribbon Diet is the result of a study that dietitian Mary Flynn performed to look at how a Plant-Based Olive Oil diet (or “PBOO,” for short) can help prevent breast cancer.

Updated American Cancer Society Nutrition Guidelines Stress Need for Supportive Environment

Updated guidelines on nutrition and physical activity for cancer prevention from the American Cancer Society stress the importance of creating social and physical environments that support healthy behaviors.


Anti-Cancer Food Spotlight: Apples

Learn how apples fight cancer, great cancer-fighting recipes and how (and why) to eat the peels and why to avoid the juice.


Anti-Cancer Food Spotlight: Pumpkin

Learn how eating pumpkins can reduce your risk of breast cancer, how to cook pumpkin, and great cancer-fighting pumpkin recipes.