Anti-Cancer Food Spotlight: Pumpkin

Learn how eating pumpkins can reduce your risk of breast cancer, how to cook pumpkin, and great cancer-fighting pumpkin recipes.

Eat a Cancer-Fighting Taco for National Taco Day

With an easy makeover of the traditional greasefest concoction, tacos can be a great way to include some of the top cancer-fighting foods in your diet and help reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Anti-Cancer Food Spotlight: Pomegranates

Pomegranates, in season in September, reduce breast cancer risk by being good sources of antioxidants, ellagitannins and fiber.

Recipes from the Anti Cancer Cookbook

Click on the link below for anti-cancer receipes from  Dr. Oz’s website. These delicious recipes are packed full of the best secret-weapon ingredients to prevent cancer.