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The Maurer Foundation featured on Newsday

“Helping to lead breast cancer education…” this line opens the article published in the Executive Suite section of Newsday on February 1st, 2015 featuring our Executive Director, Susan Samaroo. Susan and the foundation are highlighted as we begin the celebration of our 20th anniversary and kick off the year with our Pink Bowl fundraiser. Susan [...]

Breast Density & Your Breast Cancer Risk

Research shows that breast cancer is up to four to five times more likely to occur in a woman with very dense breasts than one without.

The Breast Cancer Genes BRCA1 & BRCA2

What are the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes and how do they increase your risk of breast cancer?

Breast-Feeding Reduced Risk for ER/PR-Negative Breast Cancer

Women who had children but did not breast-feed had about 1.5 times the risk for ER/PR-negative breast cancer when compared with a control population.

How Are You Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Learn how you can convert breast cancer awareness into breast cancer action during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Tobacco Industry Profits Estimated $35 Billion With Almost 6 Million Annual Deaths

Tobacco use is one of the main preventable risk factors for cancer. In 2010, tobacco industry’s profit was equivalent to US $6,000 for each death caused by tobacco.

Alcohol Increases Risk For Breast Cancer

The link between alcohol and breast cancer, statistics, the truth about wine and breast cancer, and how alcohol effects risk of recurrence.

Breast Health: There’s An iPhone App For That!

Here’s a round-up of some of the most useful iphone apps that encourage early detection and educate about breast cancer risk factors.

Estrogen molecular form

Estrogen And Breast Cancer

High estrogen levels in the body are believed to dramatically increase our risk of breast cancer.

What American Heart Month Has To Do With Breast Cancer

The simple truth is that many of the humanity’s biggest killers, like heart disease and cancer, share the same risk factors.