Thank You to Pink Aid for Helping Us Reach Underserved Communities in 2015 & 2016

Silicon breast model for breast self exam

Silicon breast models are used during our breast health seminars to help students learn what feel like.

The Maurer Foundation would like to thank Pink Aid for supporting our breast health education efforts! Thanks to a generous 2015 and 2016 grant from Pink Aid, we have been able to focus our outreach efforts to socioeconomically disadvantaged and bilingual populations. In 2015, we surpassed our goal of reaching 1,746 people in these high need communities on Long Island, with more programs scheduled for 2016.

Sharing life-saving information about breast cancer prevention and early detection with underserved communities has been a growing focus of the Maurer Foundation, and one we look forward to continuing in 2016.

Thanks to financial support from Pink Aid’s grant, we established partnerships with community organizations including Healthy Sundays, New Hour for Women and Children, and the Hispanic Brotherhood. Our educators offered 80 breast health programs in high-need schools as defined by the New York Department of Education including many bilingual presentations.

Thanks to Pink Aid, and to all of our supporters, for helping deliver this powerful message to those who need to hear it the most!