The Maurer Foundation Announces a Grant from Nassau County Bar Association We Care Fund

The Nassau County Bar Association’s We Care Fund has awarded The Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education a grant to expand the Foundation’s Breast Health Literacy-in-Education Program to medically-underserved communities throughout Nassau County.

“We are most grateful to the We Care Fund for their support,” noted Kim Rozzi, Executive Director of The Maurer Foundation. “By helping us to expand the Breast Health Literacy-in-Education Program, We Care Fund has ensured that a whole new group of young people are empowered to protect their own breast health.”

The Breast Health Literacy-in-Education Program teaches risk reduction behavior modification and accurate breast self-examination to high school students with a standardized health promotion, disease prevention curriculum. The student-centered, culturally competent syllabus, aligned with National and State Learning Standards in Health Education, is presented by Maurer certified breast health educators. Students learn how to recognize changes in their own breast tissue and become advocates of their own health through oral presentation, role-play, skill modeling and applied learning. The program augments general public school health education curricula and allows for concentrated and intensive breast self-examination “time-on-task.”