The Maurer Foundation Announces a Grant from the Roslyn Savings Foundation

Roslyn Savings Foundation Grant

The Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education has been awarded a grant of $9,000 from the Roslyn Savings Foundation to expand the High School Breast Health Program. Instituted in 1998, the High School Breast Health Program is The Maurer Foundation’s flagship initiative. Because risk factors for breast cancer and other chronic diseases are closely associated with lifestyle choices—such as diet, physical activity level, and tobacco use—the High School Breast Health Program targets juniors and seniors in High School, who, in adolescence, are still forming the health habits that they will carry throughout adulthood. Students learn not only the positive steps they can take toward early detection, but also the importance of maintaining good health habits that have been proven to decrease their risk of not only breast cancer, but also many other chronic diseases. 11,828 students benefited from this successful program in the 2004-2005 school year alone.

The Roslyn Savings Foundation grant will go toward bringing the High School Breast Health Program to new audiences, targeting in particular high need, medically-underserved communities in Long Island. “Women in many of these communities are at greater risk for developing breast cancer,” notes Kim Rozzi, Executive Director. “The good news is that many of the lifestyle factors that place all women at greater risk for breast cancer can be controlled through simple changes in diet, physical activity, and alcohol and tobacco use. We are grateful to the Roslyn Savings Foundation for helping us to bring this potentially life-saving information to many more of the students who need it most.”