The Maurer Foundation Announces Grant from The Nassau County Bar Association WE CARE Fund

Mineola, NY, November 2008 – The Nassau County Bar Association WE CARE Fund has awarded The Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education a grant to purchase their highly effective silicon breast models. These accurate reproductions act as valuable tools during the foundation’s educational programs which teach adults and adolescents exactly what to look for during breast self-examinations.

“We are grateful to The WE CARE Fund for their support,” noted Elizabeth Zimmer, Executive Director of The Maurer Foundation. “Supplying these models ensures that more people will be empowered to protect their own breast health.”

“The goals of the Maurer Foundation exemplify the focus of the Nassau County Bar Association’s WE CARE Fund. They provide for education and services to the under-served communities of Nassau County and we are proud and pleased to support their endeavors with this grant award”, said Hon. Elaine Jackson Stack (ret), Chair, WE CARE Fund Advisory Committee.

Over the course of a forty-five minute program, The Maurer Foundation’s trained health educators use realistic, textured models that are identical to the nodularity found in real a breast to teach self-breast exams.  These models have pieces imbedded into them which feel very similar to the type of lumps that surgeons consider to be suspicious. The program not only provides a hands-on experience, it also teaches how one can apply these skills to protect ones own health.

About The Maurer Foundation

The Maurer Foundation is the only breast health education foundation whose mission is dedicated exclusively to the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. The foundation has educated hundreds of thousands of individuals in schools, community organizations and businesses. Through its free outreach, the foundation’s programs are aimed at dispelling myths and minimizing fears about breast cancer while filling the critical knowledge gap that exists about maintaining breast health.

For more information about the Maurer Foundation and their education programs please visit or call 516-535-5370.

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