The Maurer Foundation Announces Their New Board Officers

Mineola, NY, October 2009—The Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education is proud to announce the election of Andrew Corrado, John Treiber and Alice Kim, MD to the positions of Chair, Vice Chair/Treasurer and Secretary of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Corrado succeeds Niki Gregory of Lloyd Harbor, New York as Board Chair. 

Mr. Corrado has more than twenty years experience in the banking industry. During his extensive career, Mr. Corrado has been responsible for overseeing complex marketing initiatives and programs involving multi-million dollar project budgets. In his capacity as Board Member of the Maurer Foundation for the last six years, Mr. Corrado’s expertise in marketing and financial matters has proven invaluable.

“I feel very fortunate to lead such a talented group of individuals and am incredibly grateful to our former Chairman, Niki Gregory who has built a strong foundation for our board in her seven years of service,” Corrado said. “I am confident about the opportunities that lie ahead, committed to the goals of the organization, and look forward to working with the board and staff to build on the successes the Foundation has already accomplished””.

Newly elected Vice Chairman/Treasurer John Treiber has more than thirty years of experience with The Treiber Group, rising through the ranks to President; and Secretary Alice Y. Kim, MD, is a Board Certified physician in Radiology whose specialty is diagnostic radiology, particularly breast imaging.

The Maurer Foundation board recognized exiting board chair Niki Gregory for her outstanding service.  Mrs. Gregory has served on the Board of Directors since 2002 and been Chairman since 2005.  During her tenure and with her leadership, the Foundation greatly expanded its outreach into the corporate community and achieved significant exposure through its Pink Diamond Ball.

“I look forward to working with the new officers of the board. All are strong, independent-minded individuals who have a commitment and passion for our mission,” states Elizabeth Zimmer, Executive Director.

The Maurer Foundation’s board of directors has mapped out the organization’s initiatives for the 2009-2010 term.  The Maurer Foundation will focus on four key areas: increasing the proportion of women who practice appropriate breast health behaviors, turning into the foremost regional authority on breast health education, growing operating revenue and becoming recognized as a highly effective and efficient philanthropic organization.

About The Maurer Foundation

The Maurer Foundation is the only breast health education foundation whose mission is dedicated exclusively to the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. The foundation has educated hundreds of thousands of individuals in schools, community organizations and businesses. The foundation’s programs are aimed at dispelling myths and minimizing fears about breast cancer while filling the critical knowledge gap that exists about maintaining breast health.

For more information about the Maurer Foundation and their education programs please visit or call 516-535-5370.