The Maurer Foundation Board of Directors
Celebrate Dr. Maurer’s Retirement

Dr. Maurer caught by surprise!

After 35 years of practicing medicine, it is hard to calculate Dr. Maurer’s indelible impact in numbers alone. Her impact goes beyond just the thousands of patients she has treated or even the thousands of breast surgeries she has performed. Her legacy can only attempt to be captured in some of the stories of the people whose lives she has touched along the way. In tribute to her retirement and in honor of a career spent caring for others breast health, some of The Maurer Foundation Board of Directors share their thoughts on her impact and legacy within the community:  

“While Dr. Maurer has The Maurer Foundation as her legacy, I believe there are more silent impacts that are her true legacy. People she made aware of pre-cancer situations, people’s lives she saved, and people she educated that have had their lives changed or passed information to others and helped them is her true legacy.” – Donald Gelestino 

“Her devotion to educating people about how to do self-exams properly & how to change their lifestyles to extend their lives, thousands of people have found lumps early & others have modified how they live and eat. Without her wisdom & foresight, there would not be a foundation with education as its primary function.” – Dr. Kathy Weiss 

“Dr. Maurer is a rock-solid individual with old school values that I strongly admire, and I personally aspire to live by. She keeps it simple, is amazingly positive and always up-beat, she’s no nonsense and doesn’t have time for BS, she is someone I wouldn’t hesitate to get in a fox hole with. She simply gets it, and she’s my kind of lady.” – Paul Pomponio 

Dr. Maurer’s commitment to the community as a highly regarded breast surgeon and advocate of breast health education has saved countless lives! She formed The Maurer Foundation and dedicated her life to this cause, which has impacted many and that is her legacy!” – Anne Marie Immerso

In honor of this momentous life achievement and milestone, the Board of Directors hosted a surprise celebratory dinner recognizing everyone’s favorite breast surgeon. The Board, Maurer Foundation staff, beloved family, and friends gathered at Kyma in Roslyn to pay tribute to Dr. Maurer’s monumental career and well-earned retirement. Despite the difficult task of surprising a woman as keen as Dr. Maurer, genuine surprise washed over her face as she entered the room, where guests enjoyed delicious food, wonderful conversation, and a lifetime of treasured memories.