Training & Certification

Breast Health Educator Training And Certification Program

Eileen was AMAZING. I can’t give her enough praises. I am so happy that I came all the way from California to do the one-on-one training with her. I found it so beneficial and it will be really helpful moving forward with writing my book and educating others.

This hands-on training provides trainees with the skills necessary to detect breast lumps. Using high-fidelity silicone breast models, trainees will learn how to perform and teach the MammaCare® method of breast self examination (BSE). Certificate received upon successful completion. Participants will also have the ability to practice effective presentation and public-speaking skills that will enhance the learner’s success as a breast health educator.


1 1/2 day course* schedule upon registration.
*Attendance for both days is required for successful completion of the training.


Facilitated at the Maurer Foundation headquarters. If you require a Maurer Foundation certified breast health specialist to deliver the training at another venue, travel and lodging must be provided.


$500. Price includes course materials.

Learning for your community

The purpose of The Maurer Foundation’s Breast Health Educator Training & Certification Programs is to provide you with vital information to share with your family, friends, colleagues, students, and patients. Upon successful completion of both programs, you will be able to:

  • Identify the components of the breast and the five stages of breast development
  • Describe benign breast changes, breast cancer symptoms, characteristics, and diagnostics used to detect breast cancer
  • Discuss risk factors of breast cancer and methods of early detection
  • Perform the MammaCare® method of breast self-examination (BSE)
  • Deliver the most accurate information regarding breast health and early detection to the community

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