Why I Volunteer at The Maurer Foundation

My name is Carol Esposito and I am proud to say that I have been an active volunteer at The Maurer Foundation for nearly 20 years. My husband John and I met with Dr. Virginia Maurer in September of 2000 for a consultation regarding my breast cancer diagnosis. After surgeries, subsequent chemotherapy treatments and finally “on the road to recovery”, I received an informational newsletter from The Maurer Foundation which mentioned they were looking for interested volunteers.

I called, was interviewed, and hired! YAY … and can I tell you how WONDERFUL it’s been ever since. I have met so many truly dedicated and compassionate individuals these past 20 years – albeit staff, Board of Directors, strangers, other volunteers … you name it —I’ve met many people from different walks of life – young, old, in-between, along with a wide variety of talents and expertise. We all know that it takes a village – and the Maurer Foundation has the right stuff – especially with Dr. Maurer’s guidance.

I continue to volunteer because I can – and it certainly feels good to be able to HELP a not-for-profit organization in whatever way I can. My “jobs” have been varied – assisting in mailings (SOME pretty big ones), helping out at golf outings (SOME sunny, SOME not-so-sunny), and being a part of bigger and fancier events like the Pink Diamond Gala!

If I had to narrow down the reasons why I’m still volunteering, the main one would probably be because it’s another good reason to get together with the many BEAUTIFUL friends I have made along the way. Friends who volunteer together, stick together! 

I have ALWAYS believed in the MISSION of the foundation … offering breast health education that focuses on prevention, healthy lifestyle and early detection. So with that being said, I will continue to volunteer for as long as they need me and for as long as I’m able to.