Kathy Lough


Diagnosed in 2004 at age 34 with early stage breast cancer after her second son was born, Kathy knew this would change her life without question. As a development professional and volunteer for close to twenty years with many nonprofits, she feels extremely fortunate to work with The Maurer Foundation which teaches individuals how to take control of their breast health before it’s too late. A favorite quote “The task ahead is never greater than the power behind.” Busy keeping up with her two young sons and husband keep her life full of activity on a typical day!

How Do You Kick Off the Summer?

With the hot sunny days of summer ahead of us,  my kids (much like you and yours I’m sure)  are very happy school is out and the pool is open.   In addition to those impromptu summer gatherings and lazy days of the season, we really try and take advantage of the downtime during the summer months to get [...]

How Do You Destress???

Stress has a clear impact on our bodies. When we are scared or tense, our hearts race and our breathing becomes shallow. When our lives are particularly stressful, many of us experience headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, and a host of other discomforts. Some believe chronic stress can make us more prone to anxiety and depression.   [...]

Flamingo Bowl to Benefit Breast Health

Join Us!!!Sunday, March 14, 2010/300 Long Island, Melville, New York This isn’t your Grandma’s bowling event…With plush lounge seating, dim lights, and neon pink pins, we are ready to have some good old fashion fun bowling, eating and beating the pants off the team in the next lane!  No prior bowling experience necessary, the event [...]

Tis’ the Season to Give!

Recently, Americana Manhasset did a month long program where $5 from each gift certificate sold throughout the month (of October) would benefit The Maurer Foundation along with Manhasset Womens Coalition Against Breast Cancer.  The program was very sucessful netting us alone close to $4,000 to benefit breast health education.   We are very grateful to have the continued support of The Americana Manhasset.  So as [...]

In Dr. Oz’s Words….Breast Self Exams “You Can Do This”

“There are two groups of people, I think, in America,” Dr. Oz explained on Monday’s The Doctor Oz Show. The two groups are what he calls the “Peace of Mind” group and “Power of Me” group. “The Peace of Mind group says, ‘You know what, I don’t mind potential false positives … I’m willing to [...]

Local Support Adds Up!

The month of October was a busy one for our educators as well as friends of The Maurer Foundation.  Aside from being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it was also the month of our 14th Annual Golf Classic and the launch of our “Pink & White” Cookie.  Many local groups held “mini events” to benefit breast health education. [...]

Creative Ways To Fundraise For Awareness!

As the month of October approaches, people are beginning to think of creative ways to raise money and awareness for The Maurer Foundation.  Some clever events we’re proud to mention — Keeping Breast Cancer “Reel” with a movie night, selling magic stretch gloves in the high schools reminding students “Use Your Hand and Do Your [...]