Rachel Graham


Rachel Graham is a professional Health Coach received her accreditation from SUNY College. With a BA in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin, a Masters in Education from Columbia Teacher’s College, and a LMSW from NYU, Rachel is the founder of the blog, www.livehealthynyc.com. A working mother, Rachel develops techniques for families, adults and children, in a one-on-one environment, creating lifestyle choices and changes for a healthier individual. You can contact Rachel at Rachel@livehealthynyc.com.

Delicious and Healthy Summertime Dining

You may think it’s easy to eat healthy during the summer. But, between the BBQ’s and beach vacations (lots of food and lots of alcohol) and not as much exercise as we may need (those poolside lounge chairs have our names on it), the unwanted pounds may pile on. So, in efforts to stay healthy, [...]

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

I love the holidays! There has always been joy and sparkle in the air and there is nothing better than celebrating with family and friends. And during this time of COVID-19 we are finding ways to be together. With friends and family “pods”, and groups on Zoom, we are still keeping in touch and keeping [...]