Be Safe This New Years!

Studies have shown that having even just one alcoholic beverage per day can increase your breast cancer risk (learn more). With New Year’s coming up its no surprise that most people will be out with friends and family indulging in the night’s festivities. We at the Maurer Foundation encourage to have the safest and happiest New Years possible. If you are going to drink, try to do it in moderation.

Your estrogen levels go up with how much you drink, regardless of the type of alcohol. Seeing as how most breast cancers are estrogen-related you want to try and keep your levels low. What the mechanism is that actually makes estrogen levels spike up when alcohol enters the system is something that is unknown we simply know that it correlates with how much you drink and for long you’ve been drinking. Binge drinking (5 drinks or more in one sitting) can increase breast cancer risk by up to 75%!

So have a safe and healthy new years but don’t for get to have lots of fun as well!