Helen Galarza

Before joining The Maurer Foundation, Helen graduated from Queens College where she majored in Media Studies and minored in Women’s Studies. A seasoned public speaker, Helen came to The Maurer Foundation in 2007 with the hope of helping all people recognize the importance of becoming their own health advocates as well as allaying their fears about breast cancer. During her off time Helen likes running, playing drums, writing, taking pictures and discovering new music at various New York City venues.

Be Safe This New Years!

Studies have shown that having even just one alcoholic beverage per day can increase your breast cancer risk (learn more). With New Year’s coming up its no surprise that most people will be out with friends and family indulging in the night’s festivities. We at the Maurer Foundation encourage to have the safest and happiest [...]

Breast Cancer Can and Does Happen To Young Women

Everyone continues to talk about the U.S Preventative Task Force’s decision to change mammogram guidelines that used to be recommended for women beginning at the age of 40 to now beginning at the age of 50. Although The Maurer Foundation and The American Cancer Society still stand by beginning at the age of 40, I [...]

Promoting Wellness At A Young Age

Today a non-profit organization called Kids in Action is holding their 9th Annual Youth Conference of Long Island at Farmingdale State College. Formed in the wake the Columbine incident, Kids in Action promotes health and wellness at a young age. Thousands of Middle School students are expected to attend today’s conference which will feature a [...]

Girls learning about breast cancer

Junior Breast Health Educators at Syosset High School

I had the opportunity to train about 45 students at Syosset High School to become Junior Breast Health Educators through the Maurer Foundation’s BBS (Being Breast Smart) program.

Wellness Before or After Cancer is Essential

October has been a whirlwind! Everything is pink and our educators have been out every single day spreading the word about early detection and the risk factors for breast cancer. One of the risk factors being lack of exercise. It’s essential to get about 5 hours of exercise per week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. [...]

Education Saves Lives!

As I mentioned earlier, The Maurer Foundation is unique in where we are solely dedicated to educating people of all ages about breast health. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to train a new set of Peer Educators this week at Syosset High School through Maurer’s BBS (Being Breast Smart) program that trains High School juniors [...]

Breast Cancer Doesn’t Just Happen In October

I just got back from teaching my first high school of the semester, Brentwood High School in Long Island. I had a great time and I’m glad that the school year is back in full swing. With that being said, I wanted to take this time to stress the importance of how breast health is [...]