Breast Cancer Prevention

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Tamoxifen, Raloxifene & Aromatase Inhibitors: How Breast Cancer Prevention Drugs Work

If you or a loved one has increased risk factors for breast cancer, developing a risk reduction plan is an important conversation to have with your doctor. At our hospital, we always recommend tackling obesity and alcohol usage first, but for those at high risk, chemoprevention can be a small piece of the risk reduction [...]

Night Work and Breast Cancer: Updated

Here’s good news for the 15 million Americans who work night shifts and other irregular or rotating schedules. A new review that compiled data from over 1.4 million women challenges the 2007 World Health Organization (WHO) assertion that breast cancer risks increase for those working nights. New Data on the Breast Cancer & Night Shift Link [...]

You Are What You Eat

With the seasons changing, there is a high chance that many of us will  be under the weather at one point or another. Here are a few tips we can start practicing in order to keep our defenses up: Drink Lemon Water every morning: Boosts Your Immune System. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great [...]

The Maurer Foundation featured in Garden City News

The Maurer Foundation was recently featured in an online article by Garden City News.  The article highlighted our recent program for seniors at Garden City High School for their annual Women’s Health Awareness event.  We are happy to say that we have been visiting Garden City High School since 2006! Our interactive programs teach students how [...]

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Breast Cancer and Women Under 40

What do women under 40 need to know about breast cancer?

What is Breast Cancer?

At the Maurer Foundation we spend a lot of time discussing the risks factors, research, and early detection of breast cancer… but we don’t want to neglect the basics. What, exactly, is breast cancer and how does it develop?

The Seat Belt Argument: Can You Really “Prevent” Breast Cancer?

Seat belts and exercise have one thing in common—the ability to prevent injury and illness.

Report Outlines Successes, Challenges in Cancer Prevention Efforts

American Cancer Society Researchers Say Coordinated Efforts Needed to Close Gaps in Preventive Behavior

What Are Free Radicals?

What do free radicals do? How do free radicals form?

Breast Cancer Is Not A Matter of Luck

It is important to remember being diagnosed with breast cancer isn’t a matter of good or bad luck.