East Islip High School’s Medical Academy Students Train to Become Junior Breast Health Educators

Twenty-five students from the Medical Academy, established by East Islip High School, participated in the Maurer Foundation’s Peer Education program.  The students in the Medical Academy have expressed the desire to pursue a career in the medical field, and all had to be selected to participate in this rigorous academic track.

Eileen Pillitteri, the Maurer Foundation’s Program Manager shared, “The peer education program was designed around the concept that young people are often more receptive to their peers than adults, when being encouraged to consider various life choices.  The benefit is not only for the students receiving the program, but to the peer educators, as well.”

Over the span of six days, the students learned about breast anatomy and development, breast cancer and its associated risks, methods of early detection and how to present a breast health program.  In turn, the students were charged with developing their own PowerPoint program, which they utilized to educate approximately 250 tenth grade students during their health classes. The Peer Educators emphasized the impact that healthy lifestyle choices have on breast health.

If you are interested in starting a Peer Education Program in your school, request a breast health program today.