Eileen Pillitteri

Eileen Pillitteri

Eileen is the Maurer Foundation Program Manager and comes to us with over 13 years of experience in non-profit settings. The mission of the organization to save lives through education is what drew her to the Foundation. Eileen has designed and implemented training programs for health and human service providers as well as the general public. She has also created and conducted programs that encourage students to make healthy lifestyle choices and avoid harmful behaviors. In her free time, Eileen enjoys taking Spin classes, reading and spending time outdoors with her family.

Meeting the Increasing Demand for Certified Breast Health Educators

Over the past few years, the Maurer Foundation has been fielding an increasing number of calls from across the United States to address the need for qualified breast health educators. Last year, we extended our reach across the pond, with our first international trainee. What we find especially satisfying are the longterm connections we maintain [...]

Maurer Foundation Expands Programming in High Needs Communities through Pink Aid’s Support

Since 2015, Pink Aid has provided funding for the Maurer Foundation’s breast health programs in the communities on Long Island with the highest needs. This year, they have generously increased their support through a $22,000 grant which specifically targets socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals and recent immigrants, many of whom are Spanish-speaking. Our educational handout printed in [...]

Plainedge High School’s Inaugural Class of Peer Educators

In November 2018,  Plainedge High School hosted our Peer Education training program for the first time.  This program had truly come full circle for Lorraine Amato, a former Maurer Foundation Program Manager who initially drafted the program 12 years ago.  Lorraine, who volunteers her time on the Foundation’s Educational Advisory Council, invited us into her [...]

Meet our Newest Certified Breast Health Educator from California

 A story we have heard so many times- a young woman finding a breast lump just months after having her mammogram.  At the age of 41, Jennifer James discovered a golf ball-sized lump on the side of her chest.   She immediately got it checked by her physician, who sent her for testing which revealed a [...]

Intensive Training for Nurses Staffing the Newest Mobile Scan Van on Long Island

Breast cancer is the one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers and the second leading cause of cancer death among women living in the United States. Mammograms can detect cancer at early stages, when it is often the most treatable. However, many women are unable to benefit from this method of early detection due to [...]

Does Breastfeeding Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer?

Research indicates that moms who breastfeed their babies for at least one year lower their risk of developing breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.   Nursing moms do not necessarily need to nurse a child for 12 consecutive months to benefit; a combined duration of at least a year for all of her children [...]

At-Home DNA Kit is Approved To Test Breast Cancer Risk and BRCA Gene Mutations

In March 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first direct-to-consumer genetic test that could identify an increased breast cancer risk. This kit, offered by 23andMe, is administered without a physician’s prescription. How Does 23andMe Test For The BRCA Gene? With 23andMe, consumers mail their saliva sample for laboratory analysis, and their reports [...]

Newest Breast Health Educator Brings the Maurer Message to France

The Maurer Foundation’s Breast Health Educator Training and Certification Program reached its newest milestone with the training of its first international participant. Kathryn Kemp-Griffin founded Pink Bra Bazaar, a breast health charitable organization in France, which also supports women with breast cancer.  Kate spent two days with our Program Manager, further developing her message of [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of a Proper Breast Self-Exam

Many women rely strictly on screening mammograms to detect breast cancer. Although mammograms are one of the most effective ways to detect cancer in its earliest stages, they can miss up to 20 percent of breast cancers. Breast self examination (BSE) can be another effective method of early detection, when practiced monthly.  If you haven’t [...]

Nature’s Bounty Foundation Supports Our Mission to Improve Wellness in our Local Communities

 The Maurer Foundation is so grateful for the generous grant from the Nature’s Bounty Foundation and their pledge to support our High School Breast Health Programs. As a global leader in health and wellness, the Natures’ Bounty Company believes in enhancing the lives of all people and giving back to the communities in which they [...]